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Old 8th April 2017
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I tend to agree. I feel that Relab, Exponential Audio (and probably the Lexicon PCM) reverbs are simply the best of the best. I too am a VVV owner and love it, but tend to agree that these 3 manufacturers are just that little step up from the ValhallaDSP reverbs. This mostly comes in the form of depth and 3D feeling of the reverbs.

Of course, this is Gearslutz, so we just say buy both! I really like the Smooth and NonLin algorithms in VVV, it's worth having. Although these days I don't find myself using it as much with my LX480 and now R2. YMMV though

Just be sure to create an iLok account and claim the plugin if nothing else. You can always buy a dongle later. Oh and I highly doubt these companies will move away from iLok sadly. It's the only way they can truly protect themselves from piracy these days :(