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I see what you're saying about having both for $50 in the long run (if you're right about the iLok requirement going), but I'm not so sure the logic of the decision is that straightforward. Let's say for the sake of argument they got rid of the iLok requirement in two years time. Then with my $50 I have a choice to use one or the other of the two reverbs over that period. So it really depends how close VVV is to R2 in quality. Lots of threads have people saying it punches well above its weight compared to its cost, but ideally people who have used both would chime in.

I have demo'd VVV and like it very much, but there's no demo for R2 without iLok so no easy comparison.

After a day of using R2 I have to say R2 is a step up from VVV. This coming from a long time Valhalla fan and owner of almost all of their plugins. R2 blends better with the source right off the bat. VVV takes a little processing to blend as nicely as R2 does.

It's still early but I can see R2 becoming my new primary reverb.