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Three instances of HALion 6 using three wavetable patches from the sound library Cornucopia:


Demo for a hybrid patch from Cornucopia, combining a tempo-synced granular soprano sax sequence (sampled in two octaves, the lower one is 8 bars long, the higher 4 bars, synced ramp LFO modulates grain position) with a wavetable synth which uses a tempo-synced wavetable sequence extracted from the sax loop in the lower octave (synced ramp LFO modulates wavetable position). The “Diffuse“-Quick Control randomizes grain position, increases grain length, spreads/randomizes the waveforms in the WT synth and transforms the sound into a beautiful tonal soundscape. Two types of filter modulation can be dialed in, synced amplitude for the sax sequences can be added, MW detunes the grains and the WT synth (unison detune), pitch offset for the granular zones can be dialed in with a QC, +/- 1 octave with the control fully engaged.

Plenty of Macro and modulation wheel automation going on in the demo, Halion rocks!

Video and audio demo:



Improvising with an ambient patch from Cornucopia, some Macro and modwheel action.

Patch description:
Multi-sampled tonal soundscape sampled at 3 pitches (C2 – C3 – C5) layered with a WT synth using a WT extracted from one of the scapes. Each layer has it’s dedicated volume control, 4 granular controls are available for grain speed/grain position control via AT/ grain perforation/grain spread, fast wavetable position modulation can be introduced via QC7. The interface provides more Macros for WT speed, WT flanger mix, phased/delay/reverb FX. MW randomizes grain pitch and increases WT unison detune.


Dreamy ambient music featuring two wavetable patches from Cornucopia (English Horn Pad/Glass Drone) - some Macro and modulation wheel action in both instances.

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