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Studio 192 Mobile and FREE Artist Power Pack

The lauded Studio 192 Mobile, like all of our interfaces, ships with the award-winning Studio One Artist. But for a limited time, we’re throwing in around $210 USD worth of extras to sweeten the deal.

Here's what you get upon registering your Studio 192 Mobile to your account:

Third-Party VST/UA/ReWire support: tap into the vast library of third-party effects and instruments available all over the web

MP3 Converter: Export your tracks to portable, great-sounding MP3s to share with friends, family, and clients

Channel Strip Collection: Add some unique character to your mixes with these two channel strips modeled from top-of-the-line hardware

Studio One Remote Support: Control Studio One from your iPad! Great for solo drummers—no need to run back and forth to the control room every time you miss a hi-hat.
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