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Originally Posted by Ardis View Post
There are products that are in this space that are priced a lot higher, and unless you have real knowledge of what it takes to develop a product and bring it to market, please don't slam something on price. My opinion FWIW
There are indeed many competitive products around with a higher price tag (I own A LOT of them).

After intense testing my conclusion was that Aroma offered nothing new in comparison.

I never directly compared Aroma as a product to the TDR/ Klanghelm offers (even though SDRR partially fills the same niche and can deliver great results), as I already stated in post #17 and never "slammed" it on price.

I have a high respect for developers of hard- or software (you can verify that by reading other posts of mine) and if something new and exciting shows up, I´m always among the first to test and often buy it - no matter how high the price is.

For me, Aroma is no genuine development but a me-too product, which is ok if the price is right.

I admit that I can´t judge what´s under the hood but I usually recognize rocket science when I see/hear the results...