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I only stated my very own opinion which wasn´t insulting at all and which results in at least a little bit of attention for the product here because of the discussion.
If people release stuff, they have to live with a critital reception, no matter if it´s music, art or technology.

Above everyone can see what´s really worth to be called insulting, btw...
You're opinion of how the product functions isn't insulting, but your comparison to products that have nothing to do with what this does with a slam about price is. TDR makes compressors and eq's and Klanghelm doesn't make a product that does what this does. To slam them about price is just silly and to do this where people are announcing a new product is insulting.

Stick to your opinion please or make a comparison to products that may be similar. There are products that are in this space that are priced a lot higher, and unless you have real knowledge of what it takes to develop a product and bring it to market, please don't slam something on price. My opinion FWIW