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oh yes indeed, a long time ago we owned one of these, it is synths like this and the 2600 that need bringing bang into the 21st century, just a few little tweaks for extra tone variations and VCO are a must.

edit: bloody hell i just started that demo and that is a beautiful example, mine was knackered in comparison.
Bang on! This and 2600 and I can forget about most other synths.
As said, I'd add a joystick to the Cat in place of pitch slider and provide selector switches for the x and y axis, so you could assign different parameters to both.
Maybe even add a 2pole filter option for more buttery sounds and that's it. It would be a fantastic and immensely usable synth. Of course, I'd add velocity (fixed to filter envelope amount, but of course adjustable) and maybe aftertouch, too.

Come on Uli, you can do it! It's a great synth that hasn't seen much of the world, yet. It deserves it!