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Aside from the Oscar synth, I can confirm that the 2600 is high on our priority list as it is a truly remarkable synth; I always wanted one for myself:-)

We are currently trying to acquire an original unit for benchmark purposes.

We hope we will be able to show you a first design draft within the next few weeks, while we're studying the circuit diagrams to provide you with an estimated retail price.

Once ready we will reach out to you to see if there is enough interest.

That is great news! I was thinking of going DIY with TTSH (2600 clone), but I better wait and save myself some possible headaches
But while doing it, ditch the speakers and use the available panel space for two dedicated LFO's an more mixers and CV attenuators. Voila, 2700

I can't wait till you reveal what are the other synth candidates.

I'll always vote for Octave Plateau CAT SRM II as I find it to be one of the most interesting and flexible analog monosynths (well, it has a duophonic mode, too).
It just needs midi and a joystick instead of that pitch slider. With full size keys it would be Karp Odyssey killer.

Syntone Synrix is a beast, but is very specific.