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Actually, reading the article again more carefully, I think I misunderstood first time through.

If I'm reading it correctly now, they got 49% immediately, which will the progress up to 100% over the next 6 years.

Anyway, my main point was that Moog Music was Bob's company (and is now Bob's colleagues and employees company) and not something set up by a faceless entity that bought the rights to the name, which I got the impression from your post was what you believed?

Not saying it should make any difference to what you do or buy, just sharing information.

If I'm honest buying fair-trade products is usually about as far as I go in that respect, unless I actually know the people involved personally.

Well the exceptionally wide margin would serve the employee-owners rather than the customers...

Uh oh. I didn't even think: it's in The South! This is starting to sound more like a Church model instead of a business model. I wonder if there are enough followers to maintain it? At least a few of them around here!
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