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So I Bought a Guitar...

Yes, my first guitar-related acquisition in quite awhile! It's a Gibson SG Standard made in 2006 in limited edition white, there's a story to it...

I've always liked SG's, whether it's Robbie Kreiger of The Doors (one of my favorite bands and guitarists) or whether it's because of Angus Young, or Veruca Salt, or Tommy Iommi of Black Sabbath. My second guitar was a 1961 Gibson SG reissue made in 1987. It was a horrible, horrible guitar, one of the worst ever made I'm sure. So I ended up selling that guitar in what feels like a lifetime ago, swearing off Gibsons, humbucker guitars and SG's.

So I've been playing nothing but Fender single coil guitars for quite awhile now and my main guitar is my 1952 Tele reissue. Love it but single coil pickups are noisy as hell, and I wanted to do palm mutes and RAWK like AC/DC. So I started trying out SG's again. I noticed the build quality late last year/early this year started getting much better, and I also noticed that I far preferred the Gibson SG Standard, compared to the thinner necked '61 Gibson SG reissue.

So I decided I wanted a Standard. Now everyone has the cherry red color, and it's beautiful, but awhile back, I watched Paul McCartney on tour a few years back on DVD and Rusty Anderson was playing a white SG and I was in love. What a beautiful guitar!

I found out that Gibson made a limited run of the Gibson SG Standards in white and the local music store had one but it sold before I found out about it! Damn! A rare guitar that would be next to impossible to find.

In any case, I took the picture of the Gibson SG from the music store's web site and did two things. 1. I placed a local Craigslist ad for a white Gibson SG Standard and I used the picture from the store. 2. I had watched that movie The Secret and it seemed interested. The had the idea of a "vision board" which is for all the things you want to manifest into your life, so I took the picture and put it into a Powerpoint along with the other things (pictures of Mullard tubes, Neve preamps, a pic of a girl, etc...)

Fast forward about a couple of weeks. Somehow the person who bought the guitar from the store decided he wanted to sell it and mentioned it on a forum, someone else had seen my old ad, dug it up, and sent him the link. He emailed me and so I went to check it out. I just bought the guitar!

So what this means is, not only did I get the type of guitar I wanted, I literally got the exact guitar that was in the picture! Wow, The Law of Attraction!

And to top it off, it had all the criteria that I was looking for. I wanted a very light guitar as that's my preference. This guitar is 6.3 lbs, which is light even for SG's. The neck-body balance is perfect. It's in the exact color of white I wanted, I noticed also on a lot of Gibson guitars, the rosewood on the neck is quite light but this one has nice dark rosewood neck.

One of the problems I was having was my Tele was very noisy because my home isn't shielded very well. Well, I plugged the SG in and the humbuckers do their job, dead quiet! Beautiful!! It's definitely a very different sound than my Tele, it does have that deep warm growl like AC/DC, Veruca Salt and even the intro tone to U2's One. The pickups are obviously a LOT hotter than my Tele so it's going to take some adjusting to get the settings to where I like it with the SG. Here are some pictures, check it out: