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Improvising with a string sound (piano strings - played with a pencil) from Takeover For Avenger available on, some Macro/modwheel/aftertouch action.

Patch description:
Multisampled piano strings (Blüthner grand piano) played with a pencil, 9 pitches were sampled between C0 – C4 (C-1 – C3 in Avenger), a sequence of irregular accents on each string sometimes faster double and triple accents, samples are up to 1+ minute long and looped. AT introduces tempo synced pitch modulation (via pitch envelope), M1 controls sample start point, M2 adds LP filter modulation (LFO2), M3 adds tempo-synced wave shaper and FM modulation. MW introduces unison detune (detune amount is modulated via LFO1). Macro buttons 1/2 are assigned to dual delay wet (2 delays in serial)/reverb wet.

I also made a second patch where the sample map is layered with itself in OSC2 an octave higher run through a modulated bandpass filter and in a third oscillator layering a re-synthesized pencil string sound.


Video demo featuring 4 instances of Avenger using 4 presets from Takeover, plenty of Macro/modwheel and some volume automation in LogicX, I managed to squeeze the 4 instances on my 4 k screen (32") using a GUI size of 80%, the video resolution is a bit funky but one can see what's going on.


Demo for the soundscape Sparkle Flute Scape from Takeover, some Macro/aftertouch/modwheel automation.

Patch description:
Multi-sampled, tonal, flutish soundscape sampled at 3 pitches in OSC1, a re-synthesized drone sound in OSC2, VEL controls amount of filter envelope modulation via MOD ENV in OSC2. MW adds fast pitch modulation in OSC1, AT decreases modulation speed. M1 controls volume of the drone, M2 introduces filter modulation the sample oscillator, M3 adds phasing to the samples. MB1/2 control reverb/FX combo drone (chorus/delay).

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