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You know i may sound like "dick" after saying this but i never buy gear with a price point or limit in mind.

I just buy what sounds good to me at the time.
That's cool man. I agree with you that price point high or low is not the best way to choose gear..... but some of us do have a budget...


The point is I am sure that an Eventide H8000 or a Lex 960L/LARC2 is going to sound a little better than a Rumour but I can't afford either right now.... ya know? I need to be realistic and I am not going to dump a chunk of change into a reverb right now.

I would be willing to go up to around $1000 if that would get me into another league but from what I have read (and that don't mean sh*t really) the Rumour is probably better than most $1000 new units on the market today.... makes one wonder if it is internet hype of if it is a nice unit that was produced at a good price point.

For $450 there isn't much used or new that really excels in the room and especially the halls department.

There lots of good especialty reverb filler units in that price range though(Sony R7 and DPSV-77, Yamaha SPX 990 and Yamaha ProR3 come to mind).

So you like the 990 and R7 rooms and halls a bit more than the Kurzweil stuff then I guess?

And why doesn't the Demeter RV1 get talked about much? It is a one trick pony but it seems like it is one really good trick.