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I just got the Apollo Twin USB and I am running it on Windows 7 - works perfectly so far. I was torn between the Babyface and the Appollo, like many of you.

A few observations:

1) sound quality is much better than my Focusrite Saffire 56 - the headphone amp is WAY better, the DI is WAY better, and the preamps and conversion are much fuller. I wasn't expecting a significant step up and I was very pleasantly surprised - it's another league up for sure. My Saffire 56 served me very well for the 7 or so years I owned it, but it recently died so I had to get a new interface - I know the sound of that interface backwards and forwards and the Apollo is significantly better from a sound quality standpoint on all fronts.

2) Tracking through plugins is really a godsend - it makes a HUGE difference when using amp sims or even micing a guitar. The Console app is very easy to navigate. I demoed a few UAD amp sims and the experience is way better than running an amp sim at a the lowest latency on the Focusrite - it really makes a difference. The absence of latency when playing through a guitar sim for example changes the whole experience and that difference is not subtle.

3) Latency - when tracking through the UAD Console with UAD plugins you have no latency, but if you plan on tracking VI's or other native plugins etc. with your DAW then the latency of the unit is actually worse than what I had with the Focusrite, which could go down to a 32 buffer etc - the Apollo only goes down to 64. The Babyface would be preferable for those who plan on using lots of VI's I think.

4) stability/performance - I've only been using it for a few days, but so far it has been very stable. I was able to open my old loaded projects without issue. The Unit is built like a tank. It does get noticeably hot when you are putting it under heavy use ( tracking with plugs etc.), but other than that it's great. Everything just worked immediately in Reaper. That giant knob on the unit works great - it's very slick.

5) value - you get a a bunch of great plugins with the purchase - 1176 plug, some EQ's, Channel strip, LA610B preamp emulation etc. So the added $240 over and above the Babyface price, in Canada anyway, is more than justified. The one weakness is that the included reverb plugin is weak, but I already have great reverb plugs and those I can monitor through my Daw without issue anyway since the latency just acts as a small pre-delay for reverb.