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Give this a read:
Q. How much headroom should I leave with 24-bit recording? | Sound On Sound

If you want to try VU meters this plugin is very good:
VUMT Overview
Thanks a lot. I think I read that article before but it is very good to read again so thank you. I guess the confusing part is where it says as a summary:

So working with average levels of around ‑20dBFS or so is fine and proper, works in exactly the same way as analogue, and will generally make your life easier when it comes to mixing and processing.

See I am not sure what that really is. The peak level is much easier to work with but some material has huge transients so not sure if it is right or not.

have a look at these two screenshots. One is a strummed guitar and the other a vocal. You can see the guitar has peaks between -18 and -12dbfs and the vocal has peaks in the highest place at around -8dbfs. I guess the vocal is too hot then?
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But it is impossible to record at -18DBFS RMS-screen-shot-2017-01-11-8.59.35-am.jpg   But it is impossible to record at -18DBFS RMS-screen-shot-2017-01-11-9.40.48-am.jpg