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ok well this is what I do do but my guitar tracks with 10db of headroom RMS at around -30dbfs. Is that OK? or should I just not care about RMS?
I can't remember the last time I worried about RMS metering.

I use peak meters when tracking and mixing, VU meters on the mix buss whilst mixing, and LUFS meters when mixing for broadcast (where average loudness is important, and you'll fail tech specs if you miss the right range).

-10dBFS for steady state signals is actually a little hot, but not outrageously so. you'll probably find you're hitting things a little hot come mix time. I tend to gainstage things down a little if things come in that high.

But yes - don't worry about RMS metering really, especially at tracking. Maybe come mastering you might want to..but I don't master. is some good info on how to use VU meters whilst mixing.