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Improvising with a synth sound from Takeover, some Macro/Macro switch/modwheel automation, a limiter on the master output.


EDIT (later):

Improvising with a drone-sacpe from Takeover which mixes gong samples played with a rubber ball and wavetable synths (resampled rubber gongs) - 3 different layered gong-synth couples split across the keyboard, FM synthesis/waveshaper distortion/filter modulation can be applied to the samples with Macros - massive and dark...I sampled quite a few different types of rubberball gongs (my large windgong played with different ball sizes) over the weekend so there will be some more patches of this kind.


Improvising with an abstract soundscape from Takeover, some Macro /aftertouch/modwheel automation.
Slightly haunting...



Been working though the night resulting in:
Demo featuring two fresh Avenger pads in this demo, some Macro/modwheel/aftertouch/volume automation and a limiter on the master output.

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