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Old 6th January 2017
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Good day my friends

i bought apollo twin USB 3 WINDOWS,i am not very experienced with these interfaces

Its really awesome but i think it might have a problem

If i turn all the way up the input gain to -65 db from -80db i hear crackles and pops when i singing to the microphone,is this normal cause of the exhaust increase of the preamp or this should not be happened????

These artifacts are happening when i blow air into the microphone or in some specific letters pronounciation such as - Pai - or P related letters

these artifacts are decreased 90% if i use a pop filter to stop the air,but still have the feeling that something is not correct

But is this situation normal,do u experience the same thing???

already followed UA guidelines for WIndows setup ,tried several microphones,cables and my PCI USB 3 is really good

another fact is that the Neve 1073 preamp gain leds are increasing rapidly as i turn on gain ,4 leds simultaneously in addition to other pres plugins which are increasing one by one led????

thanks in advance