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Three fresh Avenger patches from the Takeover in a slightly epic electronic nostalgic whatever demo track.
Bubbly bass sequencer meets animated pad meets FM bells, some Macro/modwheel automation, a limiter on the master out. I'll probably do another version of this track as soon as I've sampled some percussion and drum sounds for this library...


EDIT (next day)

Drama, Drama - Improvising with the patch Singing Bowl Abyss, some Macro automation in a second pass, a limiter on the master output - 3 velocity layers of processed singing bowl meets a synth oscillator using a re-synthesized singing bowl wavetable.


EDIT (later)

Quick and dirty video demo for a bass sequencer patch from Takeover, automation for some Macros/Macro buttons and the modwheel - I only really explored the FM Trash filter for the first time today, great stuff...

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