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In 2017 being Analog should merely NOT be enough.
Any modern drum machine should incorporate
1. analog
2. FM and advanced FM (2 to 4OP) (using samples too)
3. sampling
4. physicial modelling
5. synthesis

Something akin to the marriage of an Elektron Rytm, the FM styled voices of the Korg ER-1 (but with more flexibiltiy), Sampling with granular and slicing modes, straight up classic XOX analog styled sounds and the kind of features found in a Kawai XD-5 for layering, synthesis and sound shaping.
It should have good effects, a mod matrix and a poly-rhythmic sequencer.
Right now I use my V-Synth, Analog Four, TR-8, Monomachine and a few Reaktor ensembles to pull off what a modern drum machine should.
Welling up over analog remakes and having OMG moments over analog drum machines kind of misses the point.
I want the felixibilty of my combined set up in one well thought out, ergonomic unit that has enough balls to be forward thinking whilst being inviting, easy to use and with a great GUI.
Is that too much to ask ?