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Dear all,

first of all I like to wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Sometime in July this year I announced we are looking into developing analog as well digital drum machines. I thought I would now share with you aspects of the development process.

At this stage our main focus is on sound creation and for this purpose we resurrected the highly regarded 808 and 909 analog drum machines from the '80's.

Attached are the pics of the first evaluation boards that allow us to study and compare the sound of analog drum instruments. However, our intention is not to clone these products but to evaluate analog sound generation and add a great user interface and sequencer.

I can tell you that the team is having lots of fun listening to these drum sounds that greatly contributed to amazing music in the past. It is actually not surprising that people gravitate to analog sounds as it is the imperfection that evokes emotions. Perhaps it is the fact that we humans are analog, too:-)

While we are far away from releasing a finished product, we thought we would get you involved in this enjoyable design process.

As always we love to hear your opinions.


First of all, thank you for this interaction with the public. It's rare that a company actually thinks to include it's customers in the process and values their input. This alone makes me want to give your brand a shot, even though I have never used Behringer in any way.

That said, I'd like to assert that you should give a very strong effort towards introducing NEW drum sounds and not merely reproduce 808/909 sounds. While it would certainly be nice if your machine can do those sounds, I'd say it's more important to deliver your own flavor and sound palette. Look at the MFB Tanzbar as an example. It can give 808/909 sounds, but also delivers it's own unique personality. Look at the new Arturia DrumBrute. Each has a place in the market while giving unique sound additions to the drum machine arena.

Consider giving us 3 machines. An analog, a digital, a combination of both. Consider incorporating unique synthesis techniques, especially for the digital or hybrid models. Sonic Potion LXR could be inspirational here. And look at the features sets for DrumBrute and Elektrons, but make sure your machine CAN SEQUENCE AND CONTROL EXTERNAL GEAR and act as the "brain" for a hardware base setup. UI needs to be immediate and intuitive. Look to Novation Circuit and DrumBrute as examples.

Focus more on giving us a complete product, over the price it will sell for. We will pay for it if it is worth it. Don't neuter the product in hopes of selling us more crap later (looking at you Elektron).

Well that is my hope.

I look forward to seeing what you make. With luck it will be as described above.

Thanks for reading,


PS - Give us the ability to shape each voice, add wetness, add saturation, add fuzz, make it fatter. Personally adding in granular synthesis would be a dream come true for me.