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3 important things

please give it portable options, like a portable mode / low power mode, or just make it fully mobile with a laptop battery or something. I want to make some beats in the park or on a train, but with good sounds.

Also please no baby rainbow colors like a lot of companies use on their pads, use badass color schemes that are easy on the eye and is inspiring. When I say baby i mean really BRIGHT pure colors like the TORAIZ SP-16. Please use washed out dull / mixed colors that look like the LEDs have been degrading for 100s of years. Use a good color scheme, i know this is for computer screens mainly but shows some thought behind colors and backgrounds which is universal, check out solarized color scheme. Solarized - Ethan Schoonover . Read into that a little, please no baby rainbows please, i get that it is technically cool that you can produce all the colors of the rainbow but please tone it down a little. Make a choice on 3-4 colors that work together without being mistaken for a toy. Also consider brightness and programming in low light or no light situations, maybe make brightness very adjustable.

And of course like everyone else has stated.
Make it a good Synth and sampler, with tons of FX and modulation / morphing options, REALLY playable easy interface with optional deep deep DAW like program-ability and manipulation.
there's definitely a host of drum machines ive kept miles away from largely in part for the fact of how neon and flashy and light-up-the-whole-damn-room they are. i can understand color coding things to an extent, but really if its for the sake of live play, a simple sound board type light will do fine.