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make it like the Jomox drum machines, right down to the looks, but make sure it has a rock solid operating system..

there is always plenty of room for more gear on the market, don't listen to people who say it's saturated, it hasn't even begun to peak yet, particularly in the modular world, so continue to make Behringer machines and make them like you would like to use them and make music with them, I find the best way to work out what the best gear to use is to use everything out there and take a little something you like from each item and blend to make that perfect could even go the extra step and make the drum machine semi modular so you could patch around the unit to change the way sounds are output, kind of 0 Coast meets Jomox meets 808...maybe even an on board small mixer with sliders..

OLED display like OP1
8 voice drum machine
Separate outs
64 step seq with swing
ability to drop samples into chans via usb or smart card
analog filters, analog LFO, digital delay
semi modular
ergonomic facade nicely spaced good looking and feeling knobs with tilted up UI
good looking colour scheme