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Old 14th December 2016
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Dear Uli,

This is, what I want for Christmas:

- Portable formfactor of MPC 500

- with flat knobs and pots that dont break off

- Long lasting tactswitches

- built-in, userreplaceable batteries

- FX of an SP

- something similar to JJOS

- Pads that feel like MPC 2000xl and also light up in different colors

- No built-in Mic....nobody needs them

- Loop Crossfade

- Ability to easily select all events of one pad on a track and nude them or 50% quantize them, like Maschine

- SD Card storage of Samples

- Midi In and Out

- Nice Display like OP-1

- Good Filters

- Analog Drums maybe, but no Key Synth or additional features

- Quick editing of Pads like SP404sx (Copy sample to another pad or exchange sound between pads)

- Transient Designer

Make it the ultimate MPC 500. A userfriendly and powerful little sampler with not too many features.

Thank you