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SamplesLoops Coming soon: Takeover for Vengeance Avenger

Takeover for Vengeance Avenger
This sound library will contain:

This sound library provides a broad palette of timbres suitable for a wide variety of musical styles:

*Monumental, epic, dramatic soundscapes with a cinematic flavor.
*Heartwarming, fragile, lush, elevating pads.
*Ethereal, fascinating and otherworldly textures.
*Dark and massive drones.
*Expressive lead synths and juicy bass sounds.
*Beautiful string instruments (guitars, plucked piano, cello derivatives).
*Bells and pluck sounds.
*Synthetic vocal textures.
*Epic brass swells (horns, trombones, sousaphone).
*Drum/percussion sounds for the drum sampler, dry and processed.
*Playful, edgy and minimal sequences.
*Evolving, rhythmical, often tempo-synced animations of timbre, amplitude and filters.

  • * 103 patches (including 2 variations).
    * 89 wavetables, also derived from the re-synthesis function in Avenger.
    * 83 sample maps (multi-samples) and one-shots (44.1 Khz - 24 Bit), 1.8 GB (before lossless compression in Avenger).
    * 23 single cycle waveforms (shapes).
    * 2 drumkits
    * Library size in total: 706.1 MB (688 MB download)
    * All patches have the modulation wheel and the three Macros assigned, most also use Macro switches, many also use aftertouch.
    * Comes in the native avenger format, easy import/installation.
    * Delivery: donwload.
    * Price: € 48 EUR

Patch categories (12 sub-folders):
  • * Arp - Sequencer (10)
    * Bass (8 including 1 variation)
    * Bells - Plucks (11)
    * Brass (3)
    * Drones (10)
    * Drums - Percussion (7)
    * Leads (4)
    * Pads (14)
    * Soundscapes (14)
    * String (6 including 1 variation)
    * Synth (10)
    * Vocal Synth (6)

You can view/download the PDF for this set including the licence agreement, more info and a detalled patchlist here.

Product page.


Video playlist:

Audio demos:

All demos below were produced entirely with Avenger using only patches from Takeover, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the outputs and some volume automation, if several instances of Avenger were used in a track.


Thanks for reading

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