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For my workflow, the main problem with the Babyface Pro is that it doesn't include dynamics processing in its low-latency monitoring interface. I find that essential for artists to be able to hear themselves well without me needing to record at hot levels. RME's drivers are a bit better, in my experience. And the sound quality of the two is both good enough that it won't really affect things either way. If I were in your position I would look at a used UCX or Fireface 800 that had dynamics in the monitoring chain, but if you don't need dynamics and are ok with just EQ/verb in the headphones mix, I would expect the Babyface Pro to be slightly more reliable.
Sorry if I don't understand your point. This means that the Babyface pro doesn't allow to monitor your signal processed by Daw? I means, if I put an amp simulator on a guitar connected to Babyface, I can't hear the guitar sound with fx but just the dry guitar?