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Too little too late.... There are other products that work as well or better for me. I am never going back after how I was treated.
I almost agree.

The phonecall where I was told that in order to get the current update, I needed to pay for 2 past years worth of "support" which I never used was pretty scarring .. Not because $600-whatever dollars was gonna make me homeless, but because I did not even use the supposed service they were charging me for.

I think this is a step in the right direction -- but I honestly think that I'd be less offended by the occasional, reasonable paid compatability update and a "pay for tech support after the first year"-type approach, as that "support" is something I don't think I have ever needed from them in the first place.

Meanwhile, as plugins go, there's still a few in the Platinum bundle that I find useful, but I don't think I'd ever upgrade my bundle or add more of their products.