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Processing a simple groove (Tremor/Groove Agent) and a synth bass jam (Zebra) with 3 instances of MXXXCore using 3 tempo-synced presets from the “Rhythmical“-category, one of the MXXX instances is exciting a Kaleidoscope preset from the patchpool subscription series, which is reverberated by 2CAudio B2 and fed back into one MXXX instance. The other 2 instances are muted/faded in/out on the fly.

I can see a bright light at the end of the TR tunnel - only 12 patches to finalize, jeez what a ride, it's almost like making Alchemy patches, all those Macros and descriptions and sounds and patches and the leveling and perfectionism and whatnot...glad I did it, I have presets for years to use now and can't stop making new ones anyway....



Most probably the last audio demo for this expansion - enough is enough.

Processing slow, looped percussion accents and a simple synth line with the preset “Granular Machine XT“.

Patch description:

Complex setup using 2 granulators with tempo-synced grain length, one of them (lane 1) processing the audio input, the other (lane 3) processing the mixed signal from the input and the feedback loop, a pitch sequence can be applied to voice 1 in granulator 2 by activating the switch in column 1, the volume of the second voice in granulator 2 (tuned up a perfect fifth) can be controlled with a Macro , the grains in granulator 1 can be reversed with a switch. 
After passing a dual filter (BComb/BP - use the purple Macros in column 2 to control filter mix/modulation range/resonance/filter drive of the BP filter) which is feeding the feedback module in lane 4, the signal from lane 1 is routed to a waveshaper with tempo-synced accents in lane 5 which is processed by a harmonizer in granular mode, use the red Macros to increase the volume of the shaper and to raise and scatter the harmonizer signal. 
Finally the signal is routed through an FX chain in lane 6 (compressor/reverb/delay/MUnison), use the blue Macro in column 3 to control dry/wet mix in lane 6.

There is also another version of this preset which does things like in this video (from February this year):

Back to work...

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