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Processing a bass sequencer (from my soundset Zebra 2nd Thoughts) a slap bass jam (Scarbee) and a simple beat with the preset Bass Sex from TR.

Preset description from the PDF, also stored in the info box of the preset:

Two filters with tempo-synced filter action in lane 1/2 (Over-X 24/formant filter with tempo-synced change of formant type), tempo-synced delays with volume automation and pitch shifting in lane 2 and a sub-bass enhancer in lane 3. Each component has it’s dedicated volume control on the easy page.
Video starts dry.


EDIT (3 days later):

Processing an e-bow impro played with one of my Padshop Pro patches with a finalized preset from TR using a 2-band setup combining granular synthesis/harmonizing/filtering/distortion/reverb.

From the PDF:

In the lower band a harmonizer adds octaves and perfect fifth below the input signal, a diffusion filter, a reverb and feedback module are processing the signal further, control feedback delay, filter saturation and reverb mix with the Macros in column 2. In the upper band pitch-quantized grains are processed by a convolution reverb, set grain size/reverb mix/band 2 volume with Macros 1-3, set band limit with Macro 4.
Demo starts dry.

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