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I realize this is an older post, and this thread has since received newer replies, but I just have to comment on this, because this is probably the dumbest thing I've ever read on the internet. At least in the last five years.
There is a massive difference in culture between closed source, and open source software as well. The culture of closed source software is commerce. Capitalism. It's pushing out a product that the user cannot vet, under the motivations of making a profit off of the user.
The culture of open source software is one of community involvement, contribution, and sharing.

I'm sorry, but that's every bit as ridiculously simplistic and childish view of reality as the quote you're commenting on ( if not more, because he doesn't seem very knowledgeable on what open-source or software is , but you are, therefore you have much less excuses than him to write such absurd stuff ) . It's just like the exact equivalent of what he said, but inverted.

Every product or service in life makes "a profit of the user". That's how most humans on this planet make a living, whether it's selling home-made bread or software. Asking for monetary compensation in exchange for your work doesn't mean "your only motivation is making profit". Right now you're a student living in a bubble, but later I guess you will be charging for your services , therefore you will be making a "profit of the client" that uses your services. Unless you're born rich and don't have to work to sustain your family, of course.

Real life isn't binary ON/OFF like computers. It doesn't have to be "you're either with us or you're with the terrorists". There are billions of positions between black and white.
Closed source can live side by side with open source, you can also choose to open source parts and not others. Or you can start with closed source and open it later, etc.. There are different needs for different cases at different moments of time.
They are not fundamental enemies like you're very simplisticly trying to portrait, as if open source developpers were all Mother Theresa saints and anyone daring to ask for money for a product they made or a service they provide ( whether it's bread, a consulting service or a car) is a stereotype of a big fat evil capitalist with a cigar in their mouth looking to enslave children.

Stereotypes and simplistic clich├ęs come from both sides.

If you use closed source software, you have to put all of your trust into the hands of a company, or large corporation, who probably only cares about making as much money off of you as possible.

Yes, even that little game you're enjoying on your smartphone and that is written by a teenager in his bedroom, well it's actually really made by this guy.

Machines are becoming more and and more subtle and complex, while humans are becoming more and more binary.

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