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Morphing a female voice melody with one of my ArcSyn patches using a fresh MXXX preset from Transformed Reality, lane 2 adds MTransform pitch shifting and filter modulation, lane 3 adds reverb/delay/chorus. Tweaking the Macros on the easy page on the fly, video starts dry introducing the 2 sources (carrier/modulator) without any FX.


EDIT (later):

Three instruments improvising some smooth jazz processed by the same instance of MXXXCore using a fresh preset from Transformed Reality, a 2-band setup with modulated harmonics (dynamic eq), stereo action, feedback looping, delay/convolution reverb in band 1 and filtering/chorussing/delaying in band 2 - most of the 7 modulators and all delays are tempo-synced.


EDIT (later later)

Processing Reaktor Skrewell ensemble textures with MXXXCore using a preset from Transformed Reality, the atonal sounds produced by Skrewell are tuned with Zynaptiq's PitchMap before they reach MXXX.


EDIT (much later)

Here comes a stutter-glitch-beat made with a single preset from Transformed Reality processing a simple drum beat in 3/4 (Groove Agent/Colliding World sounds) and a Chrompahone 2 pluck (from my upcoming soundset Resonantia), a 2-band setup with plenty of modulation for grain freeze, synced grain length, delay, wobble filter and more. Pure fun...demo starts dry, then MXXX fades in (->wet/dry)


EDIT (too late):

Something rather heavy:
Processing some electronic drum hits (Tremor) and some industrial sounds from my Groove Agent Expansion Colliding Worlds (Steinberg) with a single MXXXCore preset from Transformed Reality, tweaking the Macros live on the fly. Video starts very dry, the industrial sounds come in a little later.

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