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Software Coming soon on patchpool: Transformed Reality for MXXXCore

I just released my first expansion for MXXXCore (MeldaProduction). What a ride!

Transformed Reality for MXXXCore (MeldaProduction) contains 114 creative patches including 24 variations for transforming your sonic reality. From granular soundscape-generators to animated gates and dancing filters, from ethereal texture-izers to dark and brooding drone-makers, from warped spaces and tempo-synced delay patches to creamy unison pad-ifiers, from granular stutter mayhem to beautiful harmonic ambiences, whatever reality you feed into these presets will be transformed in a very musical, interesting and useful way, occasionally creating bizarre and surreal sounds you might not have heard before.

All patches are programmed 100% wet, so they can be inserted on a buss (or bus, the spelling seems to be undecided here) and have between 4 - 16 labelled Macros assigned which are accessible on the "easy"-page in MXXXCore, often the Macros and switches are sorted in panels. The presets are fully tagged and have more or less elaborate descriptions attached which can also be found in the patch-list below.
Please refer to the system requirements to learn which effect modules were used to create these patches (and are needed to use them). These patches will of course also work in the full version of MXXX.

You can view/download the PDF for Transformed Reality with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including descriptions for each patch here.

  • *114 patches (including 24 variations)
    *Installation: manual
    *Delivery: e-mail attachment
    *Price: € 33 EUR

Patch Categories
  • *TR Morph - Vocoder (12 + 3 variations)
    *TR Rhythmical (26 + 4 variations)
    *TR Soundscapes (29 + 10 variations)
    *TR Spaces (23 + 7 variations)

MXXXCore system requirements:
  • *MAutoDynamic EQ
    *MMultiBand Bit Fun
    *MMultiBand Chorus
    *MMultiBand Comb
    *MMultiBand Convolution
    *MMultiBand Delay
    *MMultiBand Granular
    *MMultiBand Harmonizer
    *MultiBand Ring Modulator
    *MMultiBand Wave Shaper
    *MMulti Band Reverb
    *MStereo Spread


All demos were produced using only effects provided by the patches from Transformed Reality. Only one demo uses additional effects (Linda's Stumble).

all my MXXX video experiments can be found in this playlist, some tutorials are also planned.


Product page.

Thank's for reading

Simon Stockhausen

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