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Something a little spooky: improvising with the patch Wolves Cry.

short description from the PDF/patchlist:

The glissando range in OSC1 is velocity sensitive (ENV2), so is the envelope modulating the shape/timbre of all 3 oscillators. AT introduces vibrato, MW introduces OSC3 which adds ring modulation glissandos to the sonic picture.

EDIT (later)

Two fresh patches in action in a rather sick beat, Drum Trio meets Frozen Brain.

Short descriptions from the PDF:

Drum Trio
Three oscillators compose a drum trio sequence in 4/4, the FX section is running in parallel mode, so FX1 processes the kick drum, FX3 adds delays to snare/hi-hat and FX processes both signals. MW introduces slightly randomized, tempo-synced filter modulation.
MW modulates OSC shape in both oscillators and increases cutoff/decreases resonance in both LP filters, AT introduces pitch modulation (via LFO 7/8), PB is set to +/- 12 semitones.


EDIT (later later)

Improvising with the patch Accelerator:

The finishing line for Arrows is just around the next corner, any fence-sitters should pre-order soon, if they wanted to save some cash. ArcSyn rocks!

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