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Improvising with a dark and edgy pad from Arrows, 1 instance of ArcSyn and a limiter:


EDIT (a day later):

I knew from the start that the vocal filter in ArcSyn is something special, so today I explored it some more and came up with this vocal patch, Tuvan throat singing on acid, this synth can sing :party: :party: :party:

mprovising with a single instance of ArcSyn using the preset Tuvan Meditation, modwheel action for additional vibrato/distortion, aftertouch introduces the sub-octave.


EDIT (3 days later)

Haven't had so much fun jamming with a synth for long, here is a little evening synth funk impro with 2 layered patches for the bassline, one of them also played in the higher register for inserts - and the main lead Dirty Benny:

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