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Software Coming soon on patchpool: Arrows for SPC ArcSyn - pre-order now

I've just released my first soundset for SPC ArcSyn:

Arrows for SPC ArcSyn deeply explores this unique synth, unfolding it's raw and untamed timbres, it's lush and embracing pad sounds, it's dark drones and futuristic textures, expressive leads and intricate tempo-synced sequences, wondrous soundscapes, one-finger-chords, ambient miniatures, brass sounds, keys, crystalline bells, delicate sweeps, punchy basses and plucks and it's expressive vowel filter making for some very human sounding vocal sounds.

Inter-modulating LFOs and well structured LFO-sequences breathe a lot of life into these sounds which can be used for a wide variety of styles as the numerous audio and video examples demonstrate. In quite a few patches all 16 slots in the modulation matrix were used to create complex modulation routings and provide as much user control over a patch as musically sensible.

All patches have the modulation wheel assigned, most also use aftertouch and velocity in order to provide expressively playable synthruments. You can view/download the PDF for Arrows with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and detailed descriptions for each patch here.

  • 102 presets (including 3 variations) in the following categories:
    *Soundscapes - Drones - Textural – 28
    *Sequencer – 19
    *Pads – 12
    *Leads – 8
    *Synth - Brass - Keys - Sweeps – 11
    *Bells - Plucks - Stabs – 7
    *Bass – 6
    *Drums / Percussion – 4
    *Sound FX / SciFi – 7

    *Price: € 25 EUR
    *Delivery: Zip via E-Mail

Product page.

All demos were produced entirely with ArcSyn using only patches from Arrows, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the outputs and some volume automation, if several instances of ArcSyn were used in a track. Only one track uses external reverberation as mentioned in the track title.


More videos for this set and some ArcSyn tutorials can be found in this youtube playlist:

Thank's for reading!
Simon Stockhausen :phones:

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