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ow boy, this can easily turn into a "we'll all put in a piece of the puzzel of digital recording and its side affects , likes and dislikes discussion"...

doesnt matter m8, all you need to do is record with an all analogue signal chain and u'll have your awnser, air is not provided by those upper requencies only but i do know what you mean you probably mean transparancy in the upper region, its all about harmonics imo wich is very difficult to capture with a digital recording medium and they dont only excist from 12k and upwards, also didgital recording is serial information while a tape machine is parallel information, no delay whatsoever wich is realy important if you talk about details..i wish it was that easy by adding 12k a nd more but its not , the converters are most to blaim since better converters usually provide more details in sound recorded, since "air" is all about details like harmonics you will probably wanna upgrade those , unfortunatly the best ones are realy expensive