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I'm a Studio One 3 user and my experience with SO3 and Presonus Live Sound equipment has been pretty satisfactory. Not defending them - they may suck like you say, I don't know...maybe because I never needed tech support.
Try calling their tech support number right now. Srs, put the phone down with the speaker on and see how long you'll be on the line before their phone-queue hangs up on you. Then call back, opt out of the phone-queue and leave your name and number and see if you ever get a call back from them. I did not btw.

Then send an email to tech support and time it to see how long it takes before tech support gets back in touch with you.

Then imagine you are at some event where you're trying to impress your clients with your professional skill-set they hired you for and something breaks down with your Presonus manufactured equipment and you need assistance ASAP. That's the imagery that plays in the back of my head when I think about gear investment.