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Got a Studio 192 couple of weeks back because of its tight integration with S1v3.

Everything works as it should over here (recording, z-monitoring, playing different VSTis)

Use it with a mac on 10.11.

What exactly are your problems @daxmaestro and @loopy?
I don't want to turn this thread into the other thread that turned into a bunch of twists and turns, you can read more of it if you can stomach it. But with me, I do gospel, jazz, funk, rnb, soul productions. I used to do a lot of the one man band thing years ago, so my biggest money that come in is from making instrumentals for clients. I use SampleTank 3, Kontakt 5 (Vintage Organs, Scarbee Bass, Session Horns, Studio Drums, Battery, etc), Steven Slate Drums, and others. I'm old skool, so when I do these type of productions, I play from the beginning of the track to the end. Yep, so if the track is 5 minutes long, I'm playing the bass line from beginning to end, piano same thing, drums, so forth, and so on. No loops for the most part - unless it's something really light that's just repetitive - aka hip hop, electronic music, etc.. So it's really annoying and workflow compromising to try to record, and you're getting crackles in the playback, so you crank the buffer size right, which starts to introduce lag / aka latency. The lowest I got on the Studio 192 if I can remember correctly, was 10ms roundtrip. And I think that was at 64 buffer size. So when I cranked it, forget it. A slew of other interfaces that I've had over the past months, destroyed the 192 in that aspect. In fact, the 192 was at the bottom of the pile.