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Old 26th January 2016
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I was at the Presonus booth at NAMM. They seem to really be pushing their control surfaces but not a Faderport in sight. I spoke with them and support for the Faderport (owner) is essentially over with.

I'm recently in the market for a new production DAW. My current (Samplitude) has plagued me for years on and off with ASIO errors on various computers, system configs, soundcards (DING DONG, IT'S THE SOFTWARE!).

I've been testing out S1, really dig it but... Like the Faderport I get the feeling from the company and the vibe at NAMM that S1 is an afterthought that at some point may go the way of the dinosaurs. I don't want to invest 1-5 years of my time to find out there's no more support for it.

I was recently on hold for hours on end just trying to get through to their tech support. It seems they're email only these days? From the lack of support I was surprised they had as big of a booth as they did at NAMM. I was actually under the impression they might be going out of business.

I'll pass...