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Definitely don't sweat it. If it were me, I'd definitely not use any of their products! In fact after the battle with them saying my usb ports were the problem with the horrible latency performance with the Studio 192, I definitely no longer use Presonus studio, and I've gotten rid of the ADL600's I had in my studio. Presonus sucks period - well for me anyway. There's loads of people now complaining about the Studio 192, since from when I had it. The solution is not get a mac or the other nonsense people have been saying. Why should someone have to change their whole studio around to make something work, where people have been using their system for years with no problem? Just saying. Ok so it has burr brown converters.. Woohooo!! Yea, so does home theaters, Audient, Tascam, Zoom, RME.. So, show stopper? I think not. Now of course not everyone may use it for virtual instruments or plugins, but there are a lot of users out there that do! It's on their facebook page, on their website, and of course on gearslutz. And now they have the nerve to bring a mobile version of it to the table. If it's anything like the full blown 192, anyone working with vsti's or lots of plugins, need to blow past this sucker on the highway full throttle, and make a stop at the RME Babyface Pro exit! Someone on their page says he's going to get rid of his clarett for the 192 mobile! Good luck with that. I'm sure he'll probably make a u-turn or get something else if he does - if his workflow consists of vsti's.

Ok rant over, carry on.
They're based in Baton Rouge & thus might have some of the Napoleonic Code, ironically enough, in effect in their jurisdictional laws, but this is a US Federal Interstate issue. File a formal complaint outlining the scenario to The Bureau of Consumer Protection:

The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection stops unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices by collecting complaints and conducting investigations, suing companies and people that break the law, developing rules to maintain a fair marketplace, and educating consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities.