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Presonus Bans People For Speaking The Truth....

As a longterm member of the Presonus official board I have recently been banned for actively discussing the horrible RTL (round trip latency) of their new Studio 192 interface. Everything I have posted has been factual and backed up by real numbers including TAFKAT and daxmaestro's test results. There was no trolling or antagonizing members, just simple posts and very few, like 5, regarding the poor latency of the Studio 192. And most of those posts were ASKING for an official response from Presonus with some real numbers.
No arguments. No nothing like that. Just inquiries and facts.

Here is the message:

"You have been permanently banned from this board.
Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.
A ban has been issued on your username."

So I can see where Presonus is going with this. They refuse to admit that their Studio 192 product does not live up to their tricky marketing of USB 3 and "near zero latency" and they don't like the fact that others who are not sheep have pointed this out and demanded that they respond with some actual numbers.

This is really sad considering I have supported Presonus Studio One since V1 days and currently am recording with V3. But you know something? I'm reconsidering that decision because do I really want to be associated with and support a company that tries to censor the truth?

Again, no flamewars and I don't think I have 50 posts on that site and that's going back to when S1 V1 was released.

So now it's time to reconsider my options.... I think it's time to toss Presonus to the curb. Why? They obviously don't care about providing the consumer with the best possible product based upon feedback. They really don't. My older posts are still on the board and you can look for yourself, at least until Presonus deletes those as well. Name is Keys88... So what do you think fellow slutz?