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I've spent the last few days playing through these sounds and giggling like a kid at christmas... What a beautiful, well thought out and executed batch of sounds! I keep getting lost in droning loops and reaching for my new soprano sax (after 40 years w/ a 1918 Buescher) to blow over them, BAM another half hour gone... LOL There is something very pure about the sound of Falcon that is very addictive.

First day of a new year, time to see if I can wrestle some new ambient tunes out of the box... Thanks for your diligent work Simon!!!
What a nice read on New Years Day, thank's for the feedback, Greg.
Which reminds me to finally get my Yanagisawa soprano sax overhauled this year, I had a Selmer until 1993 which then got stolen, the Japanese substitute served me well ever since but now it definitely is showing it's age.