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The suspense is nearly killing me. I just bought/downloaded Falcon yesterday, but now I'm at my girlfriend's house for a few days... sans internet. I'll take my macbook pro to a Starbucks and see if they kick me out for leaching their wifi. :D

Very excited to try this, Simon!
Starbucks shouldn't care, really It's nearly 2 Gigs to download though, but if their connection is good, that should only take a few minutes.


On a different note:

I just added the supplement below to the order confirmation, as some of you are obviously still using Falcon version 1.00 and a lot of things have been fixed and added since the release, some features in AIR will only work with the latest version 1.04:

Please note: Falcon AIR needs Falcon version 1.04 or higher to be installed on your system in order to work correctly with all features used in the patches.