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Here is Christmas demo combining several finalized patches, plenty of bells - sleigh bells, camel bells, ball tress, I always sampled a pair of those at 6x round robin, 3 articulations split across the keyboard, 1 octave each (bell A, both bells, bell B), a key-switch switches between loose and tight articulation, so one can also play tight rhythms without the longish attack phase of those bells.

Then there is the big multi-sampled buffalo drum, a cymbal scape which also integrates a field recording of Philippine women gathering under a bridge on a public holiday which I recorded in Hong Kong some years ago, two key patches, (one of them actually being the 3rd keyswitch of a multi-bell soundscape), and at the end some textural sleigh bells with FX convolution. I'll make a video explaining those 6 bells patches later.

Merry Christmas...


EDIT (2 days later):

After another 10 hours of finalizing/fine-tuning patches today, I needed a jam which resulted in this little minimal music, using the patch Bettys Harp, which is 100% sample-free.


EDIT (later later):

Another two amped electric guitar patches in this demo, combining multi-sampled feedback swells with whammy bar action and tremolo drones layered with their electronic derivatives, tons of Macro controls are available:

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