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Plastic Angel - a vocal pad sound and a wavetable patch using a resynthesized image inserting two bass drones:


EDIT (a day later)

Explaining and demonstrating three patches which use bowed Chinese opera cymbals in this video:

Here is a little impro with the patch Hang Plucker RR6

Description (only mentioning a few things):
A mellow Hang accent played with a soft mallet exciting the resaonators in the pluck synth, 6 round robin variations run in cycle mode. Macros for filter velocity and overall velocity sensitivity are available. A velocity-modulated waveshaper on keygroup level can be dialed in with a Macro. 17 Macros are assigned.


Here comes some industrial flavor for AIR, three finalized patches made with/derived from industrial field recordings I made in various factories, some of these factory drones are totally haunting, like giant organs:

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