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Was in GC not too long ago to buy a birthday present for my nephew (Bad Monkey). As usual, I gravitated into the "Pro Audio" department.

When I noticed an EL Lil Freq in their rack, I said nicely to the saleskid (conversation below is as close to verbatim as my memory allows):

ME: "I'm happy to see you're getting some good stuff in here."
GC SALESKID: "We've actually carried some top stuff for a while."
ME (a little perplexed): "Really, like what?"
GC SALESKID (pointing at an Avalon 737, defiantly): "Like this Avalon here. Unquestionably, the greatest channel strip on this planet."
ME (even more perplexed): "Geez, I wouldn't even put it in my top five."
GC SALESKID: "Oh, come on!"
ME: "Honest. There are a lot of better channel strips."
GC SALESKID: "Then, name them."
ME (taken back): "Huh?"
GC SALESKID: "If you think there's better, then name them!"
ME: Well, um, shoot, theres the Pendulum Quartet, and the Quartet 2, and the new Fearn. Um, there's the Fairman and the Buzz I'm doing so far?"
GC SALESKID (slowly shaking his head and giving me that "if you were more out of it, you'd be dead" look): "Never heard of them."