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After spending the whole of yesterday sampling amped electric guitar feedbacks and chord-scapes, here is a first patch, combining 4 long chord-scapes with feedback swells, split across the keyboard. Each sample zone has 5 dedicated controls for envelope shaping, filter modulation, tuning, sample start, the wheel introduces tempo-synced amplitude and pan modulation, then there are 3 master controls for LP/HP filtering, delay and reverb.


EDIT (2 days later):

This track combines 2 new patches - a split amped electric guitar ebow-patch, playing slow flageolet transitions on the open strings with a granulated vocal trill texture:

I'm always amazed how similar ebow tones can sound to a bass clarinet when played in the lower range. :phones:


EDIT (another 2 days later):

Another two finalized split patches, made with/derived from amped electric guitar sounds:


EDIT (well, later):

Some chillout music for the night: here is an expanded version of the Wahwah Tube-video posted a few pages back, I added some improvised melodic lines in the background using a patch named Spectra Vox:

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