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This rather surreal/dark impro track combines two new Falcon patches with multi-sampled Chinese opera cymbals, also layering the dry cymbals with some re-synthesized cymbal scapes. Plenty of round robins/velocity layers, plenty of controls to dial in all sorts of modulations:


EDIT (2 days later)

After cutting and fine-tuning dozens of bowed Chinese opera cymbals over the last days, here is a track with two patches making use of these, one patch spreading out many bowed cymbals over a 3+ octave range, fine-tuned to the main pitch in each sample. The other patch splits bowed cymbals in granular mode, as smooth as metallic silk, a second velocity layer adds a bright, moaning-like cymbal sound, a keyswitch adds a model synth which also uses a stretched bowed cymbal as excitation for the resonators.


EDIT: (later later)

Four instances of Falcon in Electric Six playing 4 patches AIR - rather dark and epic...

About 25 patches to go, over the weekend I am renting several guitar amps and pedals to sample the final load of material, it's gonna be....GREAT.


EDIT: (later later later)

Here is a video for the water drums/water pumkin track posted above:

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