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Improvising with a fresh Falcon patch from AIR - Vocal Ebow:


EDIT (later)

After cutting almost 100 water pumpkin (water drum/jicara de aqua) samples over the last days which will make for some great bass and percussion instruments, here is a first granular soundscape using key-switchable dynamic tremolos, processed by tuned combfilters, filters, waveshapers and whatnot.

The smaller pumkin was sampled in a dry studio environment, as it can swim in the bigger pumpkin, and the big one I multi-sampled in the bathtub which added a nice gated-room-sort-of-ambient to each hit and also some dripping drops were captured here and here.


EDIT (a few days later):

Spent the entire day yesterday programming water drum patches, so here is a first groove in 6-8 combining several pumpkin patches, one being a split articulation switch-patch, where you can select three different mallet types (with up to 6 velocity layers and 3x round robin) ranging over the lower 3 octaves, via key-switches, the upper sounds in that patch - 2 different sets of hand accents with plenty of velocities and round robins and tempo-synced finger trills (in stretch mode) with 5x round robins - are not affected by the key-switches. Then there is patch which layers 4 articulations (3 different mallets and hand accents) and you can level and tune each layer. Then there is the big bathtub pumpkin and more. Each patch has 20+ Macros for effect/filter/EQ/random pitch/pan-control and whatnot, all split zones are colored in the Falcon keyboard GUI for easy navigation, I'll make an explanation-video later.

My subwoofers were having an absolute blast while playing/programming this track:

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