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Here are three fresh patches in a slightly epic soundtrack sort of Drama Queen, including the patch Chinese Opera Hand Cymbals KS which has 5 key-switchable layers with round robin accents (sampling and granular) dynamic tremolos (sampling/granular) and reverse sampling. The bells are 3 multi-sampled bronze bells with round robin in the upper half and a granulated derivative/dronepad in the lower half, the airy pad and drone is a split pad - Falcon rocks!


EDIT (one day later)
A slightly fragile/mysterious duet here, Wahwah Tube Granular meets Moon Pad - automating numerous Macros and the wheels on the fly.


EDIT (another 2 day later):
Three fresh Falcons in Desert Music - the repeating sequence is played with the full glass gong patch, 3 velocity layers/6x round robin, two different mallets (hard/soft) can be either layered or key-switched individually, lots of things can be dialed in (ring modulation, bit destruction, filter envelope, random pitch/pan and more), then we have two long camel bell textures (bells they put around camel's ankles) layered with their granulated electronic derivatives /soundscapes and a big wavetable drone patch layered with some drone/pad samples.

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