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This one is quite mysterious and beautiful - Arctica - automating some of the 11 Macros and 2 keyswitches on the fly, keyswitch 2 adds some granulated bell tree texture to highlight certain notes in the music.


EDIT (one day later):

Three fresh Falcons in Three Falcons - involving the patches Chinese Opera Cymbal Synth - Swirling Bells Layered - Living Pad.

The swirling bells are multi-sampled sonic triangulars, 3 velocity layers and 2-3 round robins, higher velocities trigger faster swirling speeds. The opera cymbal is sampled at 3 velocity layers and 4x round robin (I still have 7 other opera cymbals to edit - LOL, I will most probably not include them all in Air, it's overkill), layered with a big synth drone, lots of pulsations and swells can be dialed in. The pad is a unison wavetable pad.

The sonic triangulars:

2 of the opera cymbals are on the inner left of this pic:

the demo:


EDIT (3 days later than later)
Here is a little impro with Wahwah Tube Synth, making multi-sampled use of this lovely instrument:

There are 3 key-switchable layers, one without vibrato, one with slow vibrato and one with vibrato variations, each layer is sampled at 3 velocity layers/3x round robin. Later I will also make a version where I mix these samples with the model synth and analog stack synth, but this is the pure version:

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